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I don't want anything more than what I've got, I'm well more than satisfied with the life God intended me to. So to the people who are unhappy and got nothing to do with their lives, good luck and keep watching how truly blessed my life is. Ü


Yánud ti danúm ti matmatúrog nga udáng.

A sleeping lobster is carried away by the current.

Ilokano Proverb (via redfeminist)
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"Kung tunay ang paalam, wag ka nang magparamdam
Dahil humihirap lang. Hanggang dito na lang."
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"People come and go. Some are cigarette breaks, others are forest fires."
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You’re allowed to be sad, but please don’t think that nobody loves you.

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me leaving school on fridays


me leaving school on fridays

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My Beautiful Woman based on a true story. 

Think twice before you judge a parent. 

gets me every fucking time

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